Mobile Meals


With any school break, the families and children we support will miss the two school meals provided by the free/reduced school State meal program. We supplement by helping with groceries for a week in our most vulnerable communities.

Holiday Blessings 

Holidays are a time every child looks forward to...the magic of the season hits many of us with excitement.  However, too many families it's a time of anxiety about how to provide a simple meal.  We provide a 12-15 lb frozen turkey & accompanying sides for the family to cook together.

Summer Blessings & Summer Zone


Throughout the school year, qualified families receive free/reduced priced meals at school as well as snack packs for the weekend.  We provide food & a little fun activity for the children to look forward to.

Blessings of the Backpacks &

Back to School 


Many children look forward to starting school with new backpacks, lunchboxes and supplies.  However, to certain families, it's another item that makes their children feel different.  We provide backpacks and lunchboxes to selected children to give them yet another opportunity to feel that precious, "normal".