Mission Moms was born with one mother’s vision…to show love and support to families met with challenging times while simultaneously teaching her own children how to serve. The importance of giving, serving within their communities and acting upon the kindness within their hearts is something every child possesses, it's our duty as parents to train-up that gift and leave a lasting mark upon someone else's lives ... we believe the ACT of serving is muscle-memory. The more a child serves, the more likely they will serve others for a lifetime.


Kathryn Flores, Founder of Mission Moms, began its outreach in October 2011 after seeing our children’s (then Evan, 6 yrs and Lincoln 4 yrs) excitement about toys that would be available that Christmas. Commercials and magazines flooded their innocent souls and, as children do, wanted everything they saw in multiple colors and versions. We have always tried to lead them along the path of helping others, but we believe it takes action to make a lifelong impact.  We believe it is our obligation to groom two boys into men that will lead great families and make a difference in the lives of others.  With the help of school counselors, the brainstorming began to take flight and we began orchestrating ways to teach children about serving with kindness and appreciation for their blessings. Each mission is personal, for a specific cause, with a unique focus, helping extraordinary people. Within days, Mission Moms grew tremendously, thus proving so many parents were looking for a way to teach their own children a Servant's heart. Our community was hungry to help and did not disappoint! There are so many fabulous causes and ways to give back, but seeing the needs here, in our backyard, was simply shocking. We hope our missions will energize area residents, businesses and organizations to begin reaching out to those that have met challenging circumstances and give them the kindness that we have been fortunate and blessed enough to experience. We believe we will provide the assistance needed to provide positive opportunities to help others that may otherwise go unnoticed to bigger charities. We are beyond humbled at such overwhelming reception that friends and their friends and relatives of friends have shown the families within our reach.

Hunger is a gateway to significant obstacles in the lives of vulnerable children in our own backyard. Spring Break, Summer & Holiday Blessings provide meals to identified families that qualify through the State of Texas for a free/reduced school meal. Volunteer children donate, sort and distribute each box ... the adults also volunteer and serve by constantly teaching children during the mission. The public gatherings give caring people an opportunity to interact with one another and build rapport that will be useful on future projects. The many stories of gratitude melt the hearts of all of us that played a part in making others lives a little easier to manage.  Hunger is too often a gateway to further challenges in a child's adolescence. We believe every child needs someone that loves them, something to look forward to and something to do ... Mission Moms will continue to aid in the hunger challenges of Tarrant and Denton County children.

The vision for Mission Moms is working and our own children are the proof! We are all so, so blessed to be able to give and teach our children to give. One child at a time, we can make a difference! The gratitude from families receiving our gifts as well as equal stories from volunteers. Volunteer children as well as recipient children are understanding empathy paralleled with action and what their hands and hearts are capable of. We often use the analogy of a mother’s fear of her children’s hands releasing hers and growing up way too fast. However, I'm learning when our children’s tight grip releases, it frees both of our hands to help someone else. That’s what Mission Moms is all about.  TEACH. SERVE. ACT.​​